Ensure a stress-free home or office move with AB Movers

It is no surprise that moving home is amongst the top three most stressful events in your life.

Contractors must be sourced
Inventories must be compiled
Furniture packed

All lose ends need to be tied up with all your miscellaneous details need to be seen to as well. It is with this in mind that A&B Movers have compiled a list to ensure your move is an easy transition for you and your family.

Two Months Before

Ensure that A&B Movers has the addresses of both your old and new home Inform A&B Movers of all obstacles that may hinder the moving process. e.g. long drive-way access, staircases etc. Notify all relevant utility companies of your departure and arrange for the transfer of telephone, water and lights etc. Change subscription addresses Pack all items that will not be needed until after the move Compile a list of your items and allocate them to specific rooms Measure your new home for appliances and curtains Book your pet/s into a Kennel or Cattery should it be necessary. This is always convenient for the day of the move. Should your journey to your new home be a long one, consider a consultation with a Vet with regards to sedating your pet/s Begin using all perishables, for example, the contents of your fridge and freezer.

Three Weeks Before

If you have children, book a baby sitter Have loose rugs and curtains dry-cleaned and leave them wrapped in the plastic until after the move Any collapsible furniture should be dismantled and cupboards emptied, tape drawers closed Electrical appliances need to be uncoupled by a professional person, as A&B Movers are not authorized to carry out this type of service.

The Day Before

Stabilize your washing machine before the move Defrost and dry out your fridge and freezer, leave the doors open to air the appliance before the move. Remove all glass shelves and drawers to prevent breakages Pack essential items for tea and coffee etc., not forgetting your kettle. Also pack toiletries and towels and transport them personally to your new home Ensure you have keys and security codes for your new home, as well as ensuring the same for your new home owner or tenant Plan the position of heavy items of furniture in your new home, so that you are ready to instruct the Foreman.

On The Day

Lots of sleep the night before! Meet A&B Movers at your home, the time of arrival will be given to you by our Operations Manager Point out all the items that need to be removed Balance of payment is required on delivery, ensure that the correct amount is ready in cash or bank guaranteed cheque Hand over all keys, alarm codes etc. to the Estate Agent or Tenant Do not depart from your home until all goods are loaded. Should your items be going into our Stores, please ensure you have a signed copy of the Inventory Ensure a responsible person is at your new home when we arrive with your effects Eliminate any temptation: do not offer alcohol or cigarettes to our staff, as they are on duty Just before the removal van leaves, ensure you have not forgotten anything. Check again!

Tips For Packing

Discard any flammables and dispose of old medication Drain fuel from any machinery to prevent leakages Breakables must be packed on their sides and glasses packed upright. Wrap breakables in paper and bubble wrap Wrap upholstered furniture in plastic. A&B Movers are able to supply an 80 or 100-micron plastic sleeves Ensure all boxes are labelled with contents and to which room they should be placed in Ensure the “Upright Arrow” is visible on all boxes; Do not overfill boxes. When stacking for collection, ensure heavy boxes are at the bottom and lighter ones on top; The Law does not allow A&B Movers to carry firearms and or any dangerous weapons, please ensure all appropriate arrangements for transportation have been made. Please ensure boxes are full to avoid being crushed